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Our young Calvados

Fine, Vieille Réserve and VSOP

Our Pays d’Auge Calvados, are all made from the double distillation of cider.

The first distillation transforms it into what is known as petite eau or brouillis. The second enables it to become Calvados, in which it loses half of its volume, meaning it is necessary to have about 14 litres of cider to make one litre of Calvados. The reference to the vintage corresponds with the year of distillation.


There are, thus, several age categories, listed such as these :

Fine/Three stars /Three apples : 3 ans,

Vieux/Réserve :  4 ans,

VO/Vieille Réserve : 5 ans,

VSOP : 6 ans,

XO/Extra/Napoléon/Hors d’Age :  A partir de 7 ans.





Our Hors d'Age Calvados


We offer several  Hors d'Age Calvados: 7 years, 25 years, et 35 years.

All of them have been carefully selected for you, and aged in our cellar. 


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