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Calvados -Hors d'Age

35 years old




Calvados, Appellation Calvados Contrôlée. Hors d’âge, 35 years old.



These orchards overlooking the sea and the Bay of Seine, give this Calvados a very special character.

A mixture of local varieties of cider apples.

All the fruits ripen on the tree and are harvested at full maturity. 




This Calvados, like all of our Calvados, is made from the double distillation of cider. The first distillation transforms it into what is known as petite eau or brouillis. The second enables it to become Calvados, in which it loses half of its volume, meaning it is necessary to use about 14 litres of cider to make one litre of Calvados. The reference to the vintage corresponds with the year of distillation.


Tasting Notes

This powerful and intense Calvados, is a beautiful mahogany colour with red and golden reflections. This round silky, floral, Calvados has a fresh bouquet, green and herbacious at first, reminiscent of the Normandy meadows, which fades gently to reveal some woody and caramelized notes. It flourishes in the mouth, with delicate notes of citrus, honey, spices and wood. Beautifully elegant.


Serving Temperature: Room temperature.

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