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La Blanche de Gontran 

Apple Brandy


Apple Brandy 



A mixture of local varieties of cider apples such as Saint Martin de Pont l’Evêque, Fréquin, Rouge Duret, and Moulin à Vent: Ranging from sweet and bitter-sweet, to bitter and sour. All of these fruits ripen on the tree and are harvested at full maturity.







La Blanche is a young apple brandy, fresh and lively, which like our Calvados comes from the double distilling of our cider. About 14 litres of cider is needed to make one litre of Blanche.


Tasting Notes

Young and impetuous, with its strong fresh apple aromas and its crystalline transparence, this liqueur will liven up and revitalise all your cocktails.



The apple'jito



4 cl of Blanche

1/2 lime cut into 4

1 cl of cane sugar syrup

8 mint leaves

8 cl of cider

Crushed ice



Crush the mint leaves with the lime and the cane sugar syrup. Add 4cl of Père Gontran White Apple Brandy, add the crushed ice and top up with cider.




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