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In the heart of the Pays d'Auge, not far from the Côte fleurie beaches... In the middle of a 50 hectare estate, is this family exploitation, nestled in lush greenery with its 20 hectares of orchards. 

The traditional production and fabrication techniques respect the environment, and produce an authentic cider, fruity and generous in the mouth. The handcrafted production is deliberately limited. 


Passionate about terroir, this family enterprise divides its time between two regions, Normandy and Languedoc Roussillon where it also has two estates situated at the foothills of the Black Mountains part of the Causse range: Château Cabezac and Mas Roc de Bô.



Who we are :

Our other passions :

Le Pressoir de la Cavellerie
A warm Norman welcome awaits you


Manor house and pool house to rent for an enchanting stay in the middle of these wonderful orchards, not far from:


Pressoir de la Cavellerie
Passionate about wine, authentic know-how in the south of France


Château Cabezac is a 75 hectare winery, classed  entirely as AOP Minervois, in the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon region.


Château Cabezac

in the Languedoc

Chateau Cabezac vins languedoc
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