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Pays d’Auge Calvados




Pays d’Auge Calvados, Appellation Pays d’Auge Contrôlée. VSOP, 6 years old.



A mixture of local cider apple varieties give it its AOC Pays d’Auge status. The production of apples is strictly controlled: from the position of the orchards to the varities of apples used (Kermerrien, 


Bisquet, Fréquin Rouge, Binet Rouge, Douce moen, Douce Coet, Rouge duret, Marie Ménard, Clos Renaux, Bedan, Judor, Peau de chien..), everything is verified.



This AOP Pays d’Auge V.S.O.P Calvados, oak aged for 6 years, is, like all of our Calvados, made from the double distillation of cider. The first distillation transforms it into what is known as petite eau or brouillis. The second enables it to become Calvados, in which it loses half of its volume, meaning it is necessary to use about 14 litres of cider to make one litre of Calvados. The reference to the vintage corresponds with the year of distillation.


Tasting Notes

This deep golden coloured Calvados is powerful and lively, with a woody, vanilla character, and a perfect balance between vivacity and roundness. Already considered an “Hors d’Age”, it is rich and well-structured with lovely coffee bean aromas bursting in the mouth. Made using a single vintage. 


Serving Temperature: Room temperature.


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